How many schools in Chester County, PA had lockdowns in 2019?

How many times have Chester County schools gone on lockdown in 2019?

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Chester County, United States (US)
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How many school lockdowns have there been at public schools in Chester County, PA in 2019? What were the reasons for the lockdown? Was the threat exposed and apprehended? Is it happening more than last year?

How many school lockdowns have there been at public schools in Chester County, PA in 2019? What were the reasons for the lockdown? Was the threat exposed and apprehended? Is it happening more than last year?

  • Launch

    We're excited to launch this story because the daily papers tend to report on incidents rather than trends. Let's get the facts.

  • 12/30/19

    We made a list of every school in Chester County, PA!

    • Avon Grove High School - Avon Grove

    • Fred S. Engle Middle School - Avon Grove

    • Avon Grove Intermediate School - Avon Grove

    • Penn London Elementary School - Avon Grove

    • East Bradford Elementary - West Chester

    • East Goshen Elementary - West Chester

    • Exton Elementary - West Chester

    • Fern Hill Elementary - West Chester

    • Glen Acres Elementary - West Chester

    • Hillsdale Elementary - West Chester

    • Mary C. Howse Elementary - West Chester

    • Penn Wood Elementary - West Chester

    • Sarah W. Starkweather Elementary - West Chester

    • Westtown-Thornbury Elementary - West Chester

    • J.R Fugett Middle School - West Chester

    • E.N Peirce Middle School - West Chester

    • G.A Stetson Middle School - West Chester

    • East High School - West Chester

    • B. Reed Henderson High School - West Chester

    • Bayard Rustin High School - West Chester

    • Caln Elementary - Coatesville

    • CASD Cyber Academy - Coatesville

    • Coatesville Area Intermidiate High School - Coatesville

    • Coatesville Area Senior High School - Coatesville

    • East Fallowfield Elementary - Coatesville

    • King’s Highway Elementary - Coatesville

    • North Brandywine Middle School - Coatesville

    • Rainbow Elementary - Coatesville

    • Reeceville Elementary - Coatesville

    • Scott Middle School - Coatesville

    • Beaver Creek Elementary - Downingtown

    • Bradford Heights Elementary - Downingtown

    • Brandywine Wallace Elementary - Downingtown

    • DHS East - Downingtown

    • DHS West - Downingtown

    • Downingtown Cyber Academy - Downingtown

    • Downingtown Middle - Downingtown

    • East Ward Elementary - Downingtown

    • Lionville Elementary - Downingtown

    • Lionville Middle - Downingtown

    • Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center - Downingtown

    • Pickering Valley Elementary - Downingtown

    • Shamona Creek Elementary - Downingtown

    • Springton Manor Elementary - Downingtown

    • STEM Academy - Downingtown

    • Uwchlan Hills Elementary - Downingtown

    • West Bradford Elementary - Downingtown

    • Charlestown Elementary - Great Valley

    • General Wayne Elementary - Great Valley

    • Great Valley High School - Great Valley

    • Great Valley Middle School - Great Valley

    • Kathryn D. Markley Elementary - Great Valley

    • Sugartown Elementary - Great Valley

    • Bancroft Elementary - Kennett

    • Greenwood Elementary - Kennett

    • New Garden Elementary - Kennett

    • Kennett High School - Kennett

    • Kennett Middle School - Kennett

    • Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center - Kennett

    • Octorara Primary Learning Center - Octorara

    • Octorara Elementary - Octorara

    • Octorara Intermediate - Octorara

    • Octorara Junior/Senior High School - Octorara

    • East Coventry Elementary - Owen J. Roberts

    • East Vincent Elementary - Owen J. Roberts

    • North Coventry Elementary - Owen J. Roberts

    • French Creek Elementary - Owen J. Roberts

    • West Vincent Elementary - Owen J. Roberts

    • OJR Middle School - Owen J. Roberts

    • OJR High School - Owen J. Roberts

    • Jordan Bank Kindergarten Cente r- Oxford

    • Elk Ridge Elementary - Oxford

    • Nottingham Elementary - Oxford

    • Hopewell Elementary - Oxford

    • Penn’s Grove School - Oxford

    • Oxford Area High School - Oxford

    • Phoenixville High School - Phoenixville

    • Phoenixville Middle School - Phoenixville

    • Barkley Elementary Phoenixville

    • Manavon Elementary - Phoenixville

    • Schuylkill Elementary - Phoenixville

    • Phoenixville Early Learning Center - Phoenixville

    • Brooke Elementary - Spring-Ford

    • Evans Elementary - Spring-Ford

    • Limerick Elementary - Spring-Ford

    • Oaks Elementary - Spring-Ford

    • Rayersford Elementary - Spring-Ford

    • Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School - Spring-Ford

    • Spring-Ford High School - Spring-Ford

    • Conestoga High School - Tredyffrin/Easttown

    • Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School - Tredyffrin/Easttown

    • Valley Forge Middle School - Tredyffrin/Easttown

    • Beaumont Elementary - Tredyffrin/Easttown

    • Devon Elementary - Tredyffrin/Easttown

    • Hillside Elementary - Tredyffrin/Easttown

    • New Eagle Elementary - Tredyffrin/Easttown

    • Valley Forge Elementary - Tredyffrin/Easttown

    • Honey Brook Elementary Center - Twin Valley

    • Robeson Elementary Center - Twin Valley

    • Twin Valley Elementary Center - Twin Valley

    • Twin Valley High School - Twin Valley

    • Twin Valley Middle School- Twin Valley

    • Unionville High School - Unionville-Chadds Ford

    • Patton Middle School - Unionville-Chadds Ford

    • Chadds Ford Elementary - Unionville-Chadds Ford

    • Hillendale Elementary - Unionville-Chadds Ford

    • Pocopson Elementary - Unionville-Chadds Ford

    • Unionville Elementary - Unionville-Chadds Ford

  • 1/7/2020

    Blocked on FB — I guess this is thorny issue

  • 1/14/20

    Found a 10+ year analysis of Philadelphia School District lockdown records

    I found the following report, Across the Philly School District, lockdowns happen as frequently as every other day, published by Billy Penn. We plan on doing a close read-through of the report, contacting the author/reporter to pick his/her brain, and finally using the structure, strategy, and maybe even some of the findings of this report as a basis for our own research into school lockdowns in Chester County.

  • 1/15/20

    Found a Washington Post database of school shootings

    The database done by the Washington Post starts off with this main statistic, "More than 236,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine." There is absolutely more we can get from this database, we may contact the writers/researchers behind it to discuss their methodology.

  • 1/16/20

    Found a Washington Post study on school lockdowns

    The piece, "What if someone was shooting?" done by the Washington Post, goes over the many different factors that contribute to a school going on lockdown as well as how the lockdowns effect children psychologically. There is a lot we can take from this study/piece for our own research report, especially if we can get their PA related lockdown data; if there is any.

  • 1/17/20

    Found a New York Times piece on 11 students real thoughts/feelings while their schools were on lockdown

    ‘This Is Not a Drill’: 11 Students on the Terror of Lockdowns, was an incredibly emotionally impactful piece that really helps humanize this issue. It is important, even though we are doing data based research, to remain conscious of the human component behind a story like this. Especially when it was a concerned Chester County area parent like Jeff Milligan who sponsored this story in the first place!

  • 1/28/20

    Went by the Coatesville Area School District Office to try to meet with Police Chief Frank Galbraith

    I need to speak with School District Police Chief Frank Galbraith, of the Coatesville School District, to get the answer to "How many lockdowns in Chester County, PA in 2019?" but specifically for the Coatesville district to start off. I was told by multiple people who work in the district that he is the only one who has and could provide us this information. I've called and left multiple messages as well as emails. No one at the district office would provide Chief Galbraith's schedule or any times where I could come back and reach him. We'll see where things go from here!

  • 1/31/20

    Email response from Coatesville Area School District Police Chief Frank Galbraith

    FULL EMAIL RESPONSE: "Mr. Gomberg, Thank you for your email. I do apologize for the delayed response. However, at this time, the Coatesville Area School District is not at liberty to share that data. I'd like to direct you to the National Center for Education Statistics (https://nces.ed.gov/), where you will find data on a national level. Thank you, Frank Galbraith."

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